Why Faxonia?

In 2001 we visited Dagger Flat at the Big Bend National Park and fell in love with yuccas. It was on that trip we visited Marfa and bought the first church in Marfa built in 1886. We moved out here four months later and one of the first people we met was Gerald Scott. Gerald was a true desert aficionado. He loved yuccas too and knew everything about them. That year for Christmas we purchased three Faxon Yuccas from Gerald. He delivered them and if anyone knew Gerald you knew this was an all day affair. The man was a story teller and had his own pace with everything he did. We learned about transplanting agaves, local geology, art cars and the true love of all desert life from Gerald. His appreciation and respect of this desert climate was such an influence on our curiosity in our new home place. And, he had the best turkey call for miles.

That photo to the left is us in front of those first three yuccas. We are not sure how it started but Gerald called the Faxon Yucca “Faxonia.” When you Google Faxonia you don’t get a lot of information about it but that’s what he called our yuccas and we have called them Faxonia ever since.

We are sad to say Gerald died in 2014. We miss him. He’d be so pleased we have called our special casita FAXONIA.

Faxonia sits right behind Wrong and resides in the first church of Marfa. It was built in 1886 and at that time all denominations shared it.

It is an adobe structure and was expanded in the 1960s with a concrete masonory unit addition which is now the studio of Camp Bosworth. We sometimes call that section Fellowship Hall.

Yes, a stay at Faxonia means you are doing IT in the oldest church in Marfa.

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